Nature- and Biomimetic-based solutions and projects

Nature is constantly reacting to human activity. Day by day, this reaction becomes more severe as manifested by the crises of climate change and unprecedented biodiversity loss, and the ensuing secondary effects such as the SARS-Covid-2 pandemic. Yet at the same time, nature provides a whole palette of solutions to the global problems.

Based on this, UGI has created a model capable of adapting to ocean and coastal conditions, where restoration and regeneration measures are needed.


Restoration/Regeneration of the Ecological, Landscape and Human Sphere


All components of the Underwater Gardens Park model are biomimetic. The designs for marine regeneration as well as for on-land facilities result from nature-based solutions. In this way, the zones that contain only natural elements and the ones with integrated human designs can complement each other. This guarantees a more efficient regeneration of the ecosystems and benefits the Sea, the coastal territory, as well as health and safety.

What are the benefits of the marine regeneration offered by our UGP project?

• Protect, conserve and create marine ecosystems thanks to the “Sea Garden”, our underwater.

• Restore marine ecosystems on a large scale by applying the scientific knowledge of top global experts.

• Improve biodiversity and increment marine biomass.

• Permanently sequester carbon through the design of the Parks as well as through the botanical and marine regeneration activities.

• Foster sustainable coastal management and improve the brand image and regional value of coastal tourist destinations.


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