Development of in-house technologies and R&D

Since 2010, Underwater Gardens International has been developing the reefhopper® design protocol in order to respond to the needs of marine life regeneration in all of our projects. It is an expert software based on a database of algorithms created for the efficient and symbiotic design of Smart Enhanced Reefs (SER®).

 It gives UGI the tools to create ecosystems out of custom-made artificial “Biotopes” for specific underwater habitats, which can be built out of different materials, forms or sizes. 



A Parametric and modular development adapting to the needs of each setting


Underwater Gardens Parks is built on a modular concept.

A complete Park can be erected or only certain elements can be selected such as from the facilities, the services, the units for the “diving tracks” or the implementation of scientific dissemination centers.

Thanks to our partner Life Reef Technologies, we create and implement custom-made projects for each setting, using one or more of our areas of expertise.

Parametric design


reefhopper® is based on parametric design. It includes, amongst other aspects, bionomic and engineering data.

reefhopper® incorporates aspects of intentional design expression that are in equal parts: practical and artistic. The result is an astounding underwater customized structure that can be used for educational, scientific, ecological and entertainment purposes.


Big Data working for the seafloor


The software reefhopper® enables the design, development and construction of artificial reefs for a specific location by processing large masses of data, called “Big Data”, regarding the ecological communities, physical conditions and cultural objectives.



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