The ocean together with its coastal zones plays a central and positive role in human life.


The global ocean regulates the climate, nurtures biodiversity for sustainable fishing, and produces most of the oxygen we breathe. Its extraordinary beauty and wealth shape the world’s economy and is even considered an essential part of the human consciousness and mental health. People have lived in harmony with the ocean for generations. However, nowadays, most common social and economic models are causing environmental damages. As a result, vulnerable marine resources and habitats are endangered. Climate change with its extreme weather events, rising sea levels, higher acidity, and deoxygenation of the global ocean inflict devastating pressure on the resilience of precious ecosystems.


There is still much to be understood about the functioning of ecosystems and their relationship with human wellbeing. Therefore, it is crucial to join efforts and knowledge from natural, social, behavioral, and regulatory practices. Such interdisciplinary collaboration is the heart of UGI’s scientific community, which has created the Active Restoration Program. It applies a holistic marine restoration and regeneration approaches, as well as supervises the UGI’s Integrated Coastal and Offshore Management Methods. We believe that scientific and nature-based technological solutions are the key to sparking innovation and achieving a diligent sustainable management of the ocean.


Action is needed already today. Everyone has a role, and we are offering you an opportunity to join efforts in facing this challenge. The consensus of the world community is to start a peaceful and regenerative movement for the ocean and its coastal areas. Therefore, we create meaningful and responsible tourism with a paradigm shift:


“From visitors to Underwater Gardeners and Ocean caretakers”


Join forces with us and have a positive impact on our future! Are you ready to become a part of the ocean solution?



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